Workshop On Transportation Geotechnics (GDRI-CSU), 29th April 2021, Changsha, Hunan, China

The Workshop On Transportation Geotechnics (GDRI-CSU)  will be held in Changsha, Hunan, China on 29th April 2021.



 - Mechanical behavior of grouted sand

 - High-speed railway geotechnical problems

 - DEM, or continuous numerical methods coupled with DEM

 - DEM mechanical analysis of granular materials

 - Fluid-solid coupling in DEM

 - Plastic waste as geosynthetic for low volume gravel roads


Zoom Link:
Zoom ID:927 868 2771; Password:561595



 - Department of Geotechnical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Central South University, China

 - The French National Centre for Scientific Research

 - The GDRI GeoMech International Network

 - School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiao Tong University, Chengdu, China


Organizing Committee:

Xiaobin Chen (陈晓斌) ,Qiaoshi Fan (乔世范), Shen Zhang(张升) 
Jiasheng Zhang (张家生), Wuming Leng(冷伍明), Liming Wei(魏丽敏) 
Yuanjie Xiao (肖源杰), Jidong Teng (滕继东), Liangxin Jin (金亮星) 
Yuliang Lin (林宇亮), Jiren Xie (谢济仁), Jiandong Niu (牛建东) 
Xue Zhang (张雪), Jinjin Su(苏晶晶), Ganghai Huang(黄刚海)


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