The International Conference on Ground Improvement and Ground Control (ICGI) is the premier event on the ground improvement and geomechanics, and was established in 2009 to promote research in this rapidly evolving areas of mechanics and techniques, and serve as a forum to discuss the latest findings/development and exchange new ideas. The first in the series of ICGI was held in Singapore in 2009 and the second conference was held in Wollongong (Australia) in 2012. The 3rd ICGI WAS held in Hangzhou (China) from 27th – 29th Oct. 2017.

In China, the rapid economic booming has stimulated the development of infrastructure, which calls for ground improvement as large construction projects must encompass soft and weak ground throughout mainland China. As a particular example, tideland reclamation serves an extremely important approach to solve the land crisis in coastal cities, including Tianjing, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shenzhen and so on. Another very important problem arisen from the traffic load that impacts on soft embankment/roadbed, as the fast development of high speed railway and increasing traffic due to urban expansion becomes the main stream. In this context, launching the ICGI 2017 Conference in Hangzhou, China has been most appropriate and timely.

The main objectives of the Conference were to promote the concepts and application of ground improvement in the fields of tideland reclamation, transportation infrastructure development and environmental impacts. The Conference Program consists of Plenary and Semi-plenary Lectures, papers presented are peer reviewed prior to acceptance. Selected papers will be published in a special issue arranged by Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Ground Improvement, ICE. And all abstracts will be printed in the proceedings of the conference. The help of the local and international experts in reviewing and maintaining a high standard of the assessment of papers and the co-operation of the authors are acknowledged. Further acknowledgement are given to the National Science Foundation of China for financial support.


More information in the Conference website.