2022 ISIC International Conference, 7-9 of September 2022, Guimarães, Portugal

The next ISIC conference will be held in the Centro Cultural Vila Flor in Guimaraes, Portugal in 2022 between 7 and 9 September 2022. The Conference will be hosted by Prof. António Gomes Correia of the University of Minho. 


The theme of ISIC 2022 is “Trends on Construction in the Post-Digital Era“.



Real-Time/Continuous Construction Monitoring Controls

Machine Automation

High Precision Survey and Mapping

Smart Cities

Big Data, Data Standards, and Hardware/Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Intelligent Maintenance Technologies

Applications/Case Studies



Day 1 – Short Courses and Workshops

Day 2 – Honors Lectures, Main Lectures, Subcommittee Reports

Day 3 – Technical Sessions


The conference publications will be indexed in WoS and Scopus.


More information here.


4th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics (4th ICTG), May 24 - 27, 2021, Virtual Event

A 4th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics (4th ICTG), evento sob os auspícios do Comité Técnico - TC202 on Transportation Geotechnics da International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), foi convertida num evento virtual e terá lugar a 24 - 27 de maio de 2021.

Para mais informações, consultar o boletim e o site da Conferência


4th Information Conference on Information Technology in Geo-engineering (ICITG), July, 2022

The 4th Information Conference on Information Technology in Geo-engineering has been postponed for July, 2022.  


ICITG is a series conference of JTC2 and it has been held in Shanghai (China), Durham (UK), Guimaraes (Portugal). The conference details, information on special sessions, and the abstract submission portal can be found on the conference website (  


The deadline for the abstract submission has been adjusted to 15th December 2020.  The abstract can be submitted either to the session organizer via email or to the abstract submission portal with an indication of the session name.  


A gathering meeting of JTC2 core members will be arranged during the conference period.


5th International Colloquium on Unsaturated Soils, November 16 and 17, 2021, Ouargla, Algeria

The 5th International Colloquium on Unsaturated Soils, dedicated to the topic "Unsaturated soils and arid areas", will be held in November 16 and 17, 2021, at the the University of Ouargla, in Ouargla, Algeria.


The main objective of the UNSAT-DZ network is to serve as  an exchange space for university research teams dealing with  the theme of unsaturated soils, in particular in terms of  knowledge exchange, and scientific and technical mutual  assistance. In this context, UNSAT-DZ organizes its  International Colloquium every three years (UNSATlemcen  2009, UNSATAlger 2012, UNSATBatna 2015 and  UNSATOran 2018). 

UNSATOuargla 2021 is a new opportunity to  bring together academicians and professionals in relation to the  field of unsaturated soils in order to exchange their knowledge,  expertises, opinions and experiences. These exchanges are  framed in harmony with the overall theme and the sub-themes  proposed for this 5th Colloquium.

More information is available at the website of the Symposium.


11th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields (BCRRA2022), 28 -30 June 2022, Trondheim, Norway

The 11th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields, will take place between 28 and 30 June 2022, in Trondheim, Norway.


The main objective of the BCRRA conference is to promote efficient design, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure by addressing issues related to bearing capacity problems of roads, railways and airfields.


The abstract should be submitted through the conference web page before 1 March 2020.

Detailed information is shown on the conference website:


6th GeoChina International Conference 2021, July 19-21, 2021, NanChang, China

The Sixth GeoChina International Conference 2021 will be held in NanChang, China from July 19 to 21, 2021.


This conference will provide a showcase for recent developments and advancements in design, construction, and safety Inspections of transportation Infrastructures and offer a forum to discuss and debate future directions for the 21st century. Conference topics cover a broad array of contemporary issues for professionals involved in bridge, pavement, geotechnical, tunnel, railway, and emerging techniques for safety Inspections. You will have the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world for technical, scientific, and commercial discussions. 

More information at


TRB Webinar: Celebrating TRB’s Centennial by Exploring the Future of Transportation Research, November 12, 2020

TRB is hosting a webinar from 3pm to 4:30pm Eastern on Thursday, Nov. 12 titled Celebrating TRB’s Centennial by Exploring the Future of Transportation Research


What is the future of transportation research and what is TRB’s role in that future? Learn from our panel of experts about how the scale and scope of TRB’s activities expanded steadily over the last 100 years, and what we might expect in the transportation field during the next 100 years. Join us on Thursday, November 12 from 3:00 to 4:30 PM ET for a webinar with a panel of TRB veterans and younger TRB leaders to learn about the past and discuss the future. Session attendees will be encouraged to send in their ideas and questions during this moderated event. The webinar is part of TRB’s 2020 Centennial Celebration and is designed to commemorate TRB’s actual diamond anniversary, which is November 11, 2020.

There is no fee to attend this webinar. However, pre-registration is required.

Webinar presenters

1. Tom Deen, Former Executive Director (1980-1994), TRB
2. Bob Skinner, Former Executive Director (1994-2015), TRB
3. Curtis Bradley, Research Implementation Manager, North Carolina Department of Transportation
4. Alison Conway, Associate Professor, City College of New York
5. Nikola Ivanov, Director of Operations/COO, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory, University of Maryland
6. Joung Lee, Policy Director, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
7. Lucy Priddy, Program Officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
8. Questions and answers: Moderated by Sandra Larson, Transportation Innovation Strategies Leader, Stanley Consultants, and Neil Pedersen, Executive Director, TRB

More information here.


ISIC Webinar Series 2020 #2: Automation in Construction, October 8, 2020

Automated machine guidance (AMG) became mainstream throughout the early 2000s. The benefits realized in terms of quality, efficiency, accuracy, and speed of construction using AMG systems have been well-documented. Equipment manufacturers continue developing AMG with a shared vision to a future utilizing fully-autonomous AI-enhanced construction equipment with machine-learning capability. A panel of industry experts will present the current state-of-practice using AMG followed by a discussion of the challenges/solutions that are motivating the construction industry to adopt fully-autonomous construction equipment. 

The registration fee is USD $99 for non-ISIC members. It is free for ISIC members. Register here.


BIM for Pavements Webinar 29 July, 2020

The International Society for Intelligent Construction (ISIC) is hosting a Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Pavements webinar on July 29, 2020 at 9 am CDT (3 pm Portugal; 10 pm China). 

BIM has been proven successful in the vertical industry, where integrating design-construction data has resulted in benefits such as improved efficiency and cost-saving. The industry has increasingly used BIM for the horizontal industry involving infrastructure. BIM for Pavements is a new area in infrastructure applications with the potential to achieve improved benefits for pavement construction.


This webinar will focus on cross-platform technology instead of individual product/solution, lay out a practical road map, and showcase tools and methodology to implement BIM for pavements.



·        Jim Preston, Intelligent Paving Specialist, TOPCON

·        Paul M. Carlson, Director, Business Development, Digital Construction Works

·        Kevin Schlereth, Director, Delivery Technology Group, HNTB

·        Luigi Vendittelli, OEM Support Manager, N.A., Leica Geosystems, Inc.

·        JD Nelson, OEM and Specialty Markets Manager N.A., Leica Geosystems, Inc.



·        Dr. George K. Chang, PE, President of ISIC


4th GeoMEast 2020 International Congress and Exhibition, 8-12 November 2020, Cairo, Egypt

The fourth GeoMEast 2020 International Congress & Exhibition will be held in Cairo, Egypt from November 08 to 12, 2020.


For the first time in Africa and Middle East, the next 4th GeoMEast2020 International Congress and Exhibition includes three parallel international conferences in one congress. The Sustainable Structures, Underground Structures and Transportation & Infrastructure Conferences will shape the future of the "Sustainable Construction in Africa and Middle East", which is chosen as the theme of the GeoMEast2020 congress. The three conferences will be held in parallel at the Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Resort during the period of November 08-12, 2020.


Recent rapid construction in Africa and Middle East have provided great opportunities for structure, bridge, material, transportation, pavement, geotechnical, geological, tunnel, geosynthetics, infrastructure and all engineers to use their knowledge and talents to solve many challenging problems and cutting-edge technologies.

GeoMEast 2020 will provide a showcase for recent developments and advancements in design, construction, and safety inspections of sustainable structures, underground structures and transportation infrastructures, and offer a forum to discuss and debate future directions for the 21st century.


More information at


TRANSOILCOLD 2019 ​ Transportation Soil Engineering in Cold Regions, 20-23 May 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia

TRANSICOLD 2019 will take place on 20 –23 May 2019, in St. Petersburg, Russia.


The “cold regions” of the world cover large areas in the northern hemisphere, including Canada, Alaska, Finland, Norway, Sweden, vast portion of China and Russia, and all the northern tier of the United States. Cold regions cover 50% of the world’s total land area. 

Transportation infrastructure in cold regions faces great technical challenges due to ground freeze-thaw or permafrost degradation. New transportation infrastructure on embankments, such as high-speed railways on slab tracks or highways, requires high geometry standards. 

TRANSOILCOLD2019 aims to provide a broader look at the overall problems faced by designers, contractors, and infrastructure owners during planning and building of transport infrastructure in cold regions.


Conference programme includes Young Geotechnical Engineers Symposium on 20 May 2019. Specialists under 35 years old are invited. The best presentation author will be awarded the reimbursement of participation cost for XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ECSMGE 2019), Reykjavik, Iceland.


Detailed information is shown on the Conference website.



O 2º Seminário de Geotecnia nos Transportes (2SGT2019) sobre o tema "Desafios Associados ao Melhoramento de Solos em Zonas Aluvionares" vai realizar-se a 28 e 29 de janeiro de 2019 no Auditório da Fábrica de Palavras da Biblioteca Municipal de Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal.


Este Seminário é uma organização conjunta de duas das CT da Sociedade Portuguesa de Geotecnia: a Comissão Portuguesa de Geotecnia nos Transportes (CPGT) e a Comissão Portuguesa de Geossíntéticos (IGS-Portugal). 

Esta edição conta com o patrocínio da Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca de Xira e será realizada a 28 e 29 de janeiro de 2019 no Auditório da Fábrica de Palavras da Biblioteca Municipal.

É expectável que num futuro próximo se verifiquem avanços muito significativos nos métodos de melhoramento e reforço de solos para responder aos desafios que o mercado, cada vez mais exigente, coloca, nomeadamente no que respeita, quer à maior eficiência e rapidez de execução, quer ao controlo dos custos. Atendendo à importância de assegurar as melhores práticas nas indispensáveis obras de melhoramento de terreno, as quais certamente estarão incluídas nos investimentos previstos no país nas infraestruturas de transporte, este seminário pretende apresentar a experiência nacional e internacional mais recente de soluções geotécnicas de melhoramento de solos no âmbito das infraestruturas rodoviárias, ferroviárias, aeroportuárias e marítimo-portuárias, privilegiando a experiência adquirida na execução e observação de casos de obra, conjugada com os recentes desenvolvimentos de técnicas inovadoras e com maior sustentabilidade.


O Seminário inclui 7 sessões com 26 apresentações que abordam a problemática do melhoramento de solos e a correspondente experiência portuguesa, as técnicas mais recentes e casos de insucesso. De destacar a presença de 11 conferencistas especiais de Portugal, Espanha, França e Alemanha: 

- Aluviões silto-argilosos moles de Portugal – Parametrização para o dimensionamento de estruturas geotécnicas 
Elizabete Esteves (ISEP) 

-Soluções inovadoras para mitigação de danos em solos liquidificáveis por ações sísmicas 
António Viana da Fonseca (FEUP) 

- Reforço da fundação da bacia 7E do Aproveitamento de Crestuma-Lever 
Laura Caldeira (LNEC) 

- Soil improvement! Where or when? 
Baldomiro Xavier (TEIXEIRA DUARTE) 

- Soil improvement by jet grouting for the construction of the Access to the Barcelona Airport – Application of the recent technologies 
Goran Vukotic (KELLER) 

- Successful Menard Vacuum trial area in the New Mexico City Airport 
Jérôme Racinais (MENARD) 

- Challenges in ground improvement research 

- How to find an economical and quick solution to provide very low settlement and sufficient factor of safety against liquefaction for a concrete sewage treatment plant founded on sandy, silty hydraulic fill with upper carbonate sand crust? 

- Aterros sobre solos moles. Uma ou duas camadas de geogrelhas. Influência módulo de elasticidade da geogrelha. Casos de sucesso e insucesso 
Jesús I. D. Pereda (U. NAVARRA) 

- O impacto do fenómeno de fluência nos solos moles do Baixo Mondego 
António Alberto & Paulo J. Venda Oliveira (U. COIMBRA) 

- Normalização europeia para o tratamento de solos e materiais granulares 
António Gomes-Correia (UMinho) & José Neves (IST, ULisboa) 

Estão incluídas ainda uma exposição técnica e uma visita ao Nó do Carregado, às ligações da Autoestrada do Norte (A1) e da Estrada EN1 à Plataforma Logística de Lisboa Norte (PLLN) e às obras da PLLN. 


Os sócios da SPG, os membros da Ordem dos Engenheiros e os colaboradores do LNEC têm custo de inscrição reduzido (95 Euros). Os estudantes têm também direito a inscrição com custo reduzido mediante comprovativo (30 Euros). 

Para mais informações e inscrição, consultar o link:



The 40th Anniversary of CCC (Continuous Compaction Control) Symposium will be held in Vienna, Austria, Nov. 29, 2018. 

It is coordinated by Dr. Pistrol Johannes, also a Technical Committee member of IICTG. Back to where CCC was started in 1978, 40 years ago (now also known as Intelligent Compaction – IC), the symposium will cover the following topics:

• Historic overview of roller compaction and Continuous Compaction Control (CCC)
• Continuous Compaction Control – CCC applications and interpretation of measurements
• Field testing methods for compaction control (e.g. static and dynamic plate load test)
• Standardization, QA/QC and design aspects
• Recent and future developments (e.g. compaction equipment, electronics, internet)



GeoMEast 2018 will provide a showcase for recent developments and advancements in design, construction, and safety inspections of transportation Infrastructures and offer a forum to discuss and debate future directions for the 21st century.

Recent rapid construction in Egypt and the Middle East has provided great opportunities for bridge, pavement, geotechnical, geological, tunnel and all engineers to use their knowledge and talents to solve many challenging problems involving highways, bridge structures, pavements, materials, ground improvements, slopes, excavations, dams canals and tunnels with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Conference topics cover a board array of contemporary issues for professionals involved in bridge, pavement, Geomechanics, geo-environmental, geotechnical, geosciences, geophysics, tunnel, water structures, railway and emerging techniques for safety inspections. You will have the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world for technical, scientific, and commercial discussions.

The GeoMEast 2018 Conference will be held in Cairo, Egypt from November 24 to 28, 2018.

More information at the Conference Website.



The 2nd International Conference on Technology and Application of Geosynthetics (Geosynthetics 2018) will take place in Santiago, Chile, on 3-5 October 2018.

Geosynthetics 2018 will provide an important international forum to meet and discuss the application areas and most recent and relevant research and innovations regarding geosynthetics. The previous version, in 2017, gathered over 160 professionals from 18 countries.

More information.



The Fourth Internacional Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance, incorporating: The Eighth International Symposium on Speed-up and Sustainable Technology for Railway and Maglev Systems (STECH2018), took place on 3-7 September 2018, in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.

Railways have always played a significant role in the development of the wealth creation capabilities of society. The early roman wagonways, the steam driven railways during the industrial revolution and the electric railways of the late nineteenth and twentieth century are just a few of the railway systems that have played a vital role in past infrastructure development. The search for a fast, reliable and cost effective means of transport that presents better energy efficiency and less impact on the environment has resulted in renewed interest and rapid development in railway technology. Following the success of many special sessions on railways technology, held over the last few years in the Civil-Comp Conference series, a new conference series was created in 2012. The first conference was held in: Las Palmas de Gran Canarian in 2012; the second in Ajaccio, Corsica, in 2014; and the third in Cagliari Sardinia in 2016.

The themes for this conference included (but were not limited to): Rolling Stock; Infrastructure; Energy and Environment; Signalling and Communication; Planning and Operations; Strategies and Economics.

More information at the Conference website.



The China-Europe Conference on Geotechnical Engineering will take place in Vienna, in 13-16 August 2018. The Conference fosters a broad coverage of topics from geomechanics research and geotechnical engineering practice.

- Geomechanics for soil and rock.

- Constitutive modelling.

- Innovative numerical techniques.

- Testing and instrumentation methods in lad and field.

- Foundation engineering.

- Deep excavation.

- Underground construction.

- Ground improvement.

- Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering.

- Landslide and debris flow.

- Geosynthetics.

- Geotechnics in hydro-engineering.

- Geotechnics in transportation.

- Geotechnics in energy and environment.

More information at the Conference Website.



The Indian Geotechnical Society welcomed ISSMGE members and associates in the International Symposium on Geotechnics for Transportation Infrastructure (ISGTI - 2018), held in 7-8 April 2018, in New Delhi, India.

This Symposium was organized under the guidance of Technical Committee TC-202 (Transportation Geotechnics) of ISSMGE.

The symposium comprised a congregation of world-class international and national experts and exhibitors from across the globe.

More information